Full Stack JavaScript / PHP from Zero to Production

Gain experience by building unique applications planned by aspiring entrepreneurs.
At your own pace, learn what it’s like to work as a developer.

Build Unique Applications and Learn

For each project you will get familiar with reading requirements documentation, planning your tasks, writing clear git commit messages, and more.

By the end of your first project, you will be fully equipped to be a productive member of any development team.




Learn how to setup and secure your own servers on DigitalOcean and AWS. Knowing your way around a server will ensure you aren’t so reliant on 3rd party tools.


Front End

Build responsive user interfaces using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Back End

Plan and code the entire back end using PHP and the Laravel Framework.

Goals & Tech Stack

The goal of each project is to take an entrepreneur’s idea and develop a minimally viable product (MVP).

You, the developer, will get familiar with much of what goes into creating and launching an application.

Tech stack will be chosen to meet the goals of the entrepreneur and provide you with experience that is valuable to other employers.

  • PHP / Laravel
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Stripe API
  • Twilio API

Learn Faster. Learn More.

  • Setup and secure a server on DigitalOcean.
  • Manage Live and Development versions of your app.
  • Deploy both backend and frontend code to your server.
  • Integrate with Stripe to manage billing plans.
  • Track progress, dev tasks and bugs like a pro.
  • Write professional git commit messages for all your work.

  • Gain confidence by learning how to work within the larger context of a team project without the full pressure of a team.
  • Work with requirements sketched out by aspiring entrepreneurs to create and deploy their MVP (minimally viable product).
  • Track your workload so you can confidently keep your “team” lead informed of your progress.

How does it work?

There are many aspiring entrepreneurs unable to test their ideas because they lack the technical skills.

There are many budding developers hungry for real experience and interesting projects to work on.

I help these entrepreneurs scope out a more generic version of their application, so they never have to reveal their big idea.

Students also have the option of showing off their work, which may result in a contract or job offer.

By tackling these projects, developers can get familiar with the process of taking an idea from zero to production.


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